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Dumper semi-trailer Tonar with aluminum body

13.04.2017 The factory "TONAR" started production of a new tipper semi-trailer with an aluminum body for transportation of grain crops and sunflower.

One of the advantages of this model is a rectangular aluminum body made of cellular panels, resistant to aggressive environment.
Curb weight of the semitrailer was is less than 7 tons.
The internal width of the body allows you to transport euro-pallets in 2 rows. The loader can enter into the body due to the reinforced construction of the floor and quick-release beams of the body.
Rear side is combined,  additionally equipped with unloading hatches.


The rear underrun is adjustable in height.n_9523-7.jpg

The overall length of the semitrailer allows you to weigh it on a 12 meter scale. The overall height does not exceed 3.5 meters (!).


Body lifting is carried out by the hydraulic cylinder Penta (Italy).

The semitrailer is planned to be produced with the fifth wheel height 1200 mm. And body volume of 40 cubic meters. However, the TONAR plant is always ready to consider the possibility of manufacturing this model with the necessary parameters: fifth wheel height, the body volume, and also the side discharge type for both one and both sides.

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