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2-axle balanced suspension

17.03.2017 Tonar released an updated 2-axle suspension for tractor trailers. Balancing suspension is one of the most common among the suspension used in the production of agricultural trailers. Undeniable advantages include its cheapness, reliability, durability and unpretentiousness: it easily copes with difficulties in conditions of hard off-road and low temperatures.


The balanced suspension is capable of adapting to unevenness of the ground without loss of contact of the wheel with the supporting surface, which significantly reduces the load on the axle of the balancers. The limiting angle of misalignment of the front and rear axles of the balance bar is up to 15 degrees. In the design of the balanced suspension there are no suspension elements that require constant maintenance and maintenance, such as springs, ladders, reactive rods and shock absorbers.

The main elements of the balanced suspension:
balanced suspension

1. The bracket of the rocker is an element rigidly and immovably fixed to the frame of the trailer. In the brackets there is a central pipe around which the balancers rotate with the semi-axles.

2. Balancer with semiaxes - ensures, when one wheel is hit by an unevenness, lower the adjacent one so that it does not hang in the air and keeps the load. Therefore, it is the balanced suspension that has the best qualities of adhesion to the ground.

3.The central axis - connects the arms to each other and ensures the rotation of the balancers with the semiaxes.

4. Bumpers - rubber dampers, fixed on the balance, limiting the stroke of the balance bar vertically and exclude the touch of suspension parts about the frame. 
The design of the balanced suspension is very simple and does not have complicated parts that require constant maintenance and supervision, while it is very unpretentious in severe road and climatic conditions, cheap and reliable. Provides the best adhesion to the ground and the distribution of the load along the axes when approaching the obstacle and has an optimal ratio of price and quality.