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Tractor Trailer bunker-reloader.
Body volume 22 m³


Specifications and prices

Body volume, m³ 22
Cargo weight, kg 15 130
The curb weight of the semi-trailer (trailer), not more, kg 5 870
Gross weight distribution, kg on the coupling loop - 2500; on the axial carriage
Suspension balance-independent suspension with no elastic ele
Wheel Axles Tonar
Wheels busbar pent, not folding, wheels 15h22.5
Tyres Tubeless 500 / 60R22,5
Pneumatic single-loop
Electrics performed on two-wire circuit with a nominal nap
The ground pressure, kg/ Cm2 1,6
The maximum oil flow, l/ min 1st pump - 100, 2nd - 90
The maximum pressure is produced, Bar 200
Food PTO tractor
The diameter of the finger coupling, mm 50
The height of the drawbar eye mm 490/590
The actuator bottom and vertical conveyors by hydraulic motors
The rated speed of the horizontal conveyor 0,17 m./с (max 0.22 v./c.)
The rated speed of the vertical conveyor 2,85 m./с. (max 3,62 v./c.)
Turnovers on the tractor PTO It shall be set to 1000 rev. / min.

A similar kind of semitrailers

Bunker-grain handlers.
Body volume 36 m³
Tipping trailer tractor.
Body volume of 10-16 m³
New Tonar PT-7 (7500 mm platform length)
Trailer vegetable containers
and cylindrical.
Bales of hay (straw).