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/ Tonar-652802-0000010
Timber Trailer with manipulator
Body volume 37 m³


Specifications and prices

Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 10 930 х 2 250 х 3 950
Road clearance, mm 280
Kerb weight, kg 16 900
Body volume, m³ 37
Distribution of kerb weight on axles, kg on front axle 5 500
Distribution of curb weight on axles, kg on wheeled trolley 11 400
Gross weight, kg 33 500
Distribution of gross weight on axles, kg on front axle 7 500
Distribution of gross weight on axles, kg on wheeled trolley 26 000
Engine (type) YaMZ-651.10 (EURO 4)
Number and location of cylinders 6, inline
Working volume, m³ 11 120
Compressive ratio 16,7
Maximum speed 303 kW 1900 rpm / 412 hp
Maximum torque 1906 (1200) Nm (rpm)
Transmission mechanical
Clutch (make, type) SACHS, friction type, dry, single disk
Gearbox (make, type) FAST GEAR 12JS200TA
Main gear (make, type) HANDLE AXLE, DZ9112000695
Final drive gear ratio 4,42
Front suspension dependent on semi-parabolic springs with hydraulic
Rear suspension equalizing, parabolic springs, two upper and four
Tyres front (385/65 R22.5), rear (295/80 R22.5)
Manipulator OMTL-97-04
Load moment, not less than, РєN m 97
Load capacity at max out-in not less than, РєN m 8,04
Maimum out-in, not less than, РєN m 8,5
Rotation moment in horizontal plane not less than, РєN m 16
Rotation angle in horizontal plane, not less than, deg 400
Working device claw grip for wood processing
Load moment, not less than, кN m 97

Timber truck with manipulator

Claw grip for wood processing

Базовая комплектация:

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       В  652802-0000010
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        <p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: left;">В  Timber truck with manipulatorВ </p>
       </td><td style="text-align: center;">37</td></tr>

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