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Semi-trailer for transportation of pigs
3 tier, 16.5 m³, 4 axles.


Specifications and prices

Cargo weight, kg 27 200 (32 500 technically permissible)
The curb weight of the semi-trailer (trailer), not more, kg 15 000
The height of the seat (fifth wheel), mm 1 150
The load on the seat (SSA) at maximum load, not more, kg 10 500
Dimensions, not more, mm L= 16 870, W=2 550, H=4 000
Suspension dependent on the longitudinal elastic levers with
Wheel axis (the first lifting axle) Tonar
Tyres Tubeless 385 / 65R 22.5
The support device 24 t
The number of levels for the transport of pigs, pcs 3
The number of transported pigs 250 (slaughter weight of 105 kg)
Sidewalls smooth, made of aluminum profiles, fan
The front wall made of aluminum
Discs 11,75х22,5
The rear door opening to load and unload the animals in the back door
Flooring 2nd and 3rd floor (load not exceeding 10 000 kilog
Inside fence Removable divided lengthwise into 6 sections (full
Ramp It rises vertically and serves as a door
Ventilation valves made of aluminum, can be fully opened
Electrics Battery, elektrogidrostantsiya, 24, charging of tr
Lighting 2 spotlights on each floor, the rear lights
Discharge devices 2 the nozzle at the rear of the semitrailer
Watering system 36 drinkers, drinkers at each level, the supply of

This semitrailer allows to carry any cattle (pigs, sheep , etc.) in a single deck and requires no special handling devices (ramps, platforms, etc.).


  • Rigid body construction
  • Biaxial chassis with increased spacing, making it easier to maneuver in tight areas
  • Aluminum siding reduces its curb weight and lifetime of the semitrailer

  • Because of the tightening of sanitary requirements and according to customer requests a new modification of cattle carrier Tonar 98261 is produced. This model is specially customer made. Instead of valves made of tarpaulin fabric metallic ventilation valves are used to be fixed in the open / closed position.

    Базовая комплектация:

    <br />

    <table border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="text-align: center; border-collapse: collapse;">
        <tr><td>Model</td><td>Description</td><td>Fifth wheel height,
            <br />
        <tr><td>98261-0000010</td><td style="text-align: left;">Semitrailer-cattle carrier, pneumatic suspension, tarpaulin valves</td><td>1200</td></tr>
        <tr><td colspan="1">98261-0000020</td><td colspan="1" style="text-align: left;">Semitrailer-cattle carrier, pneumatic suspension,В aluminumВ air gates</td><td colspan="1">1200</td></tr>

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