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Tonar-97461 (with conics)

/ Tonar-97461 (with conics)
With the sliding roof
and sliding side panels.
The internal height of 2700 m.
3 axles


Specifications and prices

Cargo weight, kg 27 750
Kerb vehicle weight, not more, kg 6 750
Fifth wheel height, mm 1150
Internal height, m 2,7
Body volume, m³ 91,4
Suspension dependent on the longitudinal elastic levers and p
Wheel axle Tonar
Lifting front axle included in the basic package
Wheels disc 11,75h22,5
Tyres Tubeless 385 / 65R 22.5
Radius of the front part of the semi-trailer in standard position not more than, mm. 2040
Landing gear 24 t
This model provides great operational opportunities due to its versatility.

It combines a traditional sideboard, curtain sider and timber truck as a semitrailer is equipped with 12 removable bolsters to prevent cargo from shifting.В 
There are holes in the floor to install the bolsters longwise the boards (10 pcs on each side).В 
If necessary, the bolsters can be removed and fixed at special frame beam. The fastening system itself is simple and convenient.В 
The roof and sidewalls are moved separately.В 

The roof can be completely moved to allow loading the cargo from the top.

Базовая комплектация:

ModelDescriptionFifth wheel height,
Two independently sliding tilt sides,
roof sliding indenpendently back and forth, with rear door, 3 axles, single-tyre wheel, pneumatic suspension,
laminated plywood on the floor, with bolsters.
L=13,6 m, TEBS-E.

Дополнительные опции:

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Наименование Фото Цена

Hub assembly

Wheel bearings are lubricated by the "blue" grease MS1510Blue. This lubricant is compatible with lithium grease and high temperature grease and is designed for heavy-loaded units, and also contains antioxidant additives to provide long-term operation at high pressure and temperature.
Castellated nut with a splinting to adjust hub bearing provides reliability of the hub assembly.

Air suspension control valve

Air suspension control valve:
allows to bleed and pump the air suspension before and after unloading

Release valve

Release valve controls the parking brake

Wheel chocks

Wheel chocks. Each trailer is equipped with several plastic wheel chocks. The number varies depending on the model of the semitrailer.


Reinforced spring brackets.
Additional reinforced angle braces
Extra accumulators on the axle beam with additional holding arms.

Additional accumulator support bracket on the axle

Additional accumulator support bracket on the axle beam


Bumper design modernized and strengthened.

Basket for spare wheels

The size of the basket depends on the model of the semitrailer

The front aluminum panel

New design of the mounting brackets with electro-pneumatic connectors for connection to the truck.

A new holder wing

Body construction

Modular plywood boards make the body more solid compared to wood planks


Density of awning fabric is 900 g / m ВІ. A handle is installed on the outside of the curtain of the semitrailer.

New mechanism of tension awning

Metal tool box

Locking devices

The doors of this model are made of aluminum. On each door is set to 2 shut-off device.

Pull up/down the axles

Axle lifting (lowering) mechanism is driven by a command from the T-EBS block when unloading (loading) the semitrailer

A similar kind of semitrailers

With the sliding roof and
Sliding side walls,
with conic.
4 axles
With the sliding roof and
sliding sidewalls.
3 axles
Tonar-974611DN (16.5 m)
With the sliding roof and sliding sidewalls.
Internal height of 2700 mm.
3 axles