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About us

Machinery building plant “TONAR” – this is one of the biggest and leader company to producing of trailers, semitrailers and tipper semitrailers in Russia.

“TONAR” today – this is a modern machinery building plant, it located in Moscow region, village Gubino and to have area in 19 Hectares. Area of producing buildings – 44 944 sq. Warehouse “TONAR” to have area in 6 Hectares.

The production process covers the entire technological cycle - from design, manufacturing and assembly of finished products to sales and service.

Producing new models of semitrailers, to accompanied with modernization power of plant. In recent years on the plant “TONAR” installed a new robotic system, to unclude:

Today machinery plant "TONAR" is producing over one hundred models trailers and semitrailers, which to divide on the four groups:

In 2015, the plant “TONAR” celebrated 25- year anniversary.